Client: Yellowhaus Studio
Video Concept: Self Deprecating Shorts (S.E.D.S.)
Production: Yellowhaus Studio

Many companies like ours are great at promoting their clients, but when it comes to promoting themselves… not so much. Sure, we all have our Demo Reel but we decided to take it a step further. We develop some fun spots that feature our personality and love for the medium.

Our S.E.D.S. – Self Deprecating Shorts were generally shot on location after an actual (paying) project. We use the locale, the geography or even just the on-set vibe to pull these together. Coupled with a fun call to action these SEDS pretty much wrap up what Yellowhaus is all about, doing great video work and having fun along the way!

COOL FACT: Albeit insane – when we booked a shoot to New York we started concepting ways of filming a new SEDS. Being the stellar producer he is… Jeff somehow managed to find us a captain of a yacht who was willing to take us out to the Statue of Liberty…and film us in an inflatable kayak. While it is still in the NY harbor the waves from passing ships get pretty sketchy. I assure you, neither of us will EVER do that again!

Executive Producer: Yellowhaus

Producer: Jeff Bucalo
Creative Direction: Patrick Meier / Jeff Bucalo
Director: Patrick Meier
DP: Cara Benjey (Tandem Bike)
DP: Roman Luck (RV)
DP: Dave Jarred (Box)
DP: Mikey’s Hot Bartender (Liberty)
DP: Patrick Meier (Phoenix Rising)
DP: Tim Borntrager (Get-A-Way)
DP: Mike Meier (Santa)
AC: Chaske Haverkos

Camera: Varies
Lenses: Varies

Post Production: Yellowhaus Studio