So you’ve chosen to scroll down here away from video production land. Tempting isn’t it? You’ve now entered what we affectionately call SEO LAND. 600 words of pure keyword bliss.

As you may have already noticed, we have lovingly placed this confabulation below the street, deep in the dark cavernous rat-infested sewers. Probably don’t need to elaborate on our feelings here…

We got into this business to do great work, right? To tell stories. To create imagery that can move people to laugh or cry all while moving the needle for YOU. It’s supposed to be about compelling concepts, innovative cinematography, and video editing that leaves you craving more. But alas, here we are. A Cincinnati, Ohio based video production company pontificating and desperately weaving keywords into their homepage like a sumo wrestler composing haikus. But if you stuck with it this far – keep reading, and you may actually learn a little about us.

So how do we do what we do? What’s our “process” so to speak. Well… it starts with good old-fashioned listening. We think it’s imperative to sit down with our clients and prospects to hear their business and marketing objectives – what is that “big picture” and what are you trying to achieve?

Once we have an idea of where you would like to go, we work on a Director’s treatment and video concepts that help you get there. Whether it’s storyboards, shot lists, full scripts, or general outlines, we offer pre-production deliverables based on how YOU want to work. Oh, and this up-front part is completely collaborative. Ideas can come from ANYONE at ANYTIME. Good ideas are not mutually exclusive to a writer or a director. It takes a crew of people to make a successful commercial. There’s that listening thing again!!

On-location or in studio, you’ll experience the same egoless, collaborative vibe as you did with pre-production. Albeit it with more lights and a table full of latte’s and granola bars. A production day can be stressful… it’s a scalable effort with anywhere from 5-50 people running around on a tight deadline to boot. We aim to eliminate that stress for you through extensive preparation and hiring a fantastic crew – never losing sight of our client’s end goal. And as video professionals with a combined 45+ years of advertising and marketing experience, no goal is too lofty when it comes to a video production. Experience in this industry is truly paramount.

You want to throw your products out of a helicopter to test durability? Done that. You need to kayak across New York harbor? Uh, yep we made that happen. Need to shut down a few bridges? Sure thing! Shooting on-location from LA to the Lower East Side we got you covered. Our in-house producer is kinda like tinker bell in Peter Pan. Just not nearly as….well, petite. And we really can’t make you fly. Our producer is your best-friend during a commercial production and ensures all elements are taken care of seamlessly. On-time, on-budget. And while surprise birthdays can be pretty badass surprises on-set… aren’t so much. A well-produced video shoot allows the Director and his crew to execute the creative effectively.

Once shooting has wrapped and post-production commences, our studio becomes an open door. We’ve had clients who simply want a finished piece and trust our editor, colorist and sound designer to get the job done. On the flipside, we have clients that enjoy the editing process and like be a part of it from the get-go. Totally works for us. We have an incredible client workspace, comfy couches, a fully stocked bar and fridge, along with dozens of restaurants within walking distance from our downtown Cincinnati office. As long as you don’t play gangsta rap or country music in our space, we cool.

For the last 5 years, we have implemented and fine-tuned this listen and collaborate philosophy for our clients. Not only to make sure they want to keep coming back (which they do) but also so we can ensure it works for any client with any budget moving forward. And lo and behold… people seem to notice! Yellowhaus has won multiple ADDY awards across video production categories and, more importantly, we’ve helped dozens of clients sell their products, increase their brand exposure, pump up their social media reach or whatever it is that floats their boat. If you look good – we look good.

Well look at you… you made it to the end of our rant. KUDOS! And you probably didn’t even notice the dozens of keywords we snuck in there! As we mentioned earlier, it really is about the work. We can discuss being a top-notch Midwest Production agency, but we prefer to let our work do the talking. So PLEASE – stop reading and start WATCHING!

Check us out, and let’s chat about what Yellowhaus Studio, the best video production company in the area, can do for YOU.

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