Ohio Lottery
Red Ball Campaign

Client: Ohio Lottery Commission
Video Concept: Man in Red
Agency: Northlich
Production: Yellowhaus Studio

Yellowhaus worked with Northlich and the Ohio Lottery to execute the Man in Red, a concept using a unique figurehead for its annual red-ball lottery game. We brought to life the Man in Red – from his wardrobe to his ride – and filmed him in multiple locations across the tri-state.

The result was a series of social media pieces – all alluding to the inherent luck of our personified “red ball.” Accompanying POS photography and cinemographs were coordinated by Yellowhaus and helped bring the campaign together cross-platforms. A full social launch helped to kick-off another successful run of the popular Red Ball lottery game.

COOL FACT:  For this project, we were tasked with finding “lucky props” that symbolized good luck.  Rabbit’s feet, horseshoes, lucky pennies and similar items.  We wanted a scene with a lucky cat in it and we discovered that Cincinnati had a Lucky Cat Museum (who knew?!?).  Literally, a museum with hundreds of waving cats, all different styles and sizes, ALL sitting there staring at you.  An interesting prop shopping day to say the least.  Check out Lucky Cat Museum to see it for yourself!

Executive Producer: Sandy Lesko-Sabbath
Agency Producer: Trish Cranor
Executive Creative Director: Pat Pujolas
Creative Director: Jason Langdon

Producer: Jeff Bucalo
Director: Patrick Meier
Production Coordinator: Emily Baglien
DP: Dave Morrison
Mike Dickman
Gaffer: Dave Jarred
Grip: Jake Heim
Grip: Tori Roloson
Grip: Mike Salamone
Stylist: Cass Brake
Wardrobe: Mary Murphy
Photo: Aaron Conway Photography

Camera: Sony PXW FS-7
Lenses: Zeiss Super Speed Primes

Post Production: Yellowhaus Studio
CGI / Compositing: Pixel Fiction