General Electric Credit Union
Members Are Owners Campaign

Client: GECU – General Electric Credit Union
Video Concept: Member Owners
Agency: St. Gregory Group
Production: Yellowhaus Studio

General Electric Credit Union was looking for a TV campaign that featured its members as everyday people who can live their lives knowing their financial institution has their best interests in mind.

They partnered with St. Gregory Group and Yellowhaus Studio to create “People Just Like You” campaign. From Montessori classroom to Yoga studio, to a go-cart racetrack, YH shot real GECU customers doing what they do best at work or at play. Working with the actual customers and a litany of extras, our team delivered five scenarios each as unique as the talent story.

COOL FACT: The purple background found in each “portrait” scene was actually a 4 x 4’ sheet of translucent plexi-glass. Each location we first had to rig the physical prop and then spend most of our time trying to cut down on reflections (the thing was like a mirror!). While it was a challenge the physicality of the lower-third and branded background were important to the authenticity of the TV spot. Just as the people represented were real – we wanted there to be no illusions.

Executive Producer: Jill Lingo
Agency Producer: Steve Bleh
Creative Director: Greg Phillips
Copywriter: Stephanie Meinberg

Producer: Jeff Bucalo
Director/DP: Patrick Meier
Gaffer: Dave Jarred
Grip: Brendan Vennemeyer
Grip: Mike Salamone
Grip: Alex Melvin
Stylist: Diane Brzecki
Stylist: Cass Brake
Production Assistant: Cooper Bucalo

Camera: Arri Amira
Lenses: Cooke S4/I Primes

Post Production: St Gregory Group
Editor: Scotty Swemba