Video Concept: I Am XTRATUF
Post-Production: Yellowhaus Studio

Commercial fishing is a demanding job. And the people who make a living doing it need equipment that can handle the elements they face day in and day out. The XTRATUF brand was born in Alaska, where some of the harshest conditions exist. For decades, XTRATUF boots have been a key component of any commercial fisherman’s wardrobe.

Looking to navigate the brand towards the high-end water-centric consumer, XTRATUF partnered with Boston based agency Creatively and Yellowhaus Studio to develop a series of short films featuring their brand ambassadors. Shot in the waters of Southeast Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico and the Bering Sea, the I AM XTRATUF series is dedicated to the harsh reality of life on the water and the people who embrace that lifestyle.

Yellowhaus helped to create three compelling stories… executing the edit, sound design and color grade. The series debuted at a media event in Manhattan, online with XTRATUF social media platforms and will be entered in various film festivals around the country.

So, grab your Dramamine and embark on a journey to the vastness of the ocean.

COOL FACT: Yellowhaus received over 60 hours of footage from 3 separate DP’s across the country. We were tasked with whittling countless terabytes of footage into 3 short films while delivering consistent sound, color and overall aesthetic throughout.

Executive Producer: David Mesicek
Director: Kim Stewart
Editor: Patrick Meier
Post Production: Yellowhaus Studio
Producer: Adrienne Mathias

Cinematographer: Scott Soens
Cinematographer: Kyle Maclennan
Audio Tech: Gina Salerno
Producer: Andrea Hetherington

Cinematographer: Axel Peterson
Cinematographer: Reid Morth
Additional Cinematography: Nate Cahoon
Producer: Andrea Hetherington

Cinematographer: Corey Arnold
Audio Tech: Corey Arnold