Concussion Legacy Foundation
Aging Child PSA

Client: Concussion Legacy Foundation
Video Concept: Aging Child
Production: Yellowhaus Studio(after practice).

As head trauma escalates at all levels of football – Yellowhaus partnered with Boston-based Concussion Legacy Foundation (CLF) to create a powerful and emotive PSA that urges parents to put their kids in flag football until age 14.

The Aging Child PSA captures a boy’s evolution from a child – through high school and into an adult – all while speaking to his parents about the dangers of tackle football. The emotional spot uses some post-production trickery to visually communicate the boy’s evolution, ending in a heartfelt plea to his mom and dad.

COOL FACT: Each shot was filmed separately and stitched together in post to provide the illusion of a single-take. This was filmed during the day so we needed to block out light from all the windows to maintain the same light-level in order to seamlessly stitch each scene together. The key for this shoot was a single china ball hung above the counter which helped create the soft, moody lighting that suggests early-evening for this scene (after practice).

Executive Producer: Dennis Doyle
Creative Director: Chris Nowitski
Creative Director: Tyler Maland

Producer: Jeff Bucalo
Director/DP: Patrick Meier
Gaffer: Dave Jarred
Grip: Mike Salamone
Grip: Chance Madison
Audio: Jim Daumeyer
Stylist: Diane Brezecki

Camera: Sony PXW FS-7
Lenses: Canon EF-Mount Zoom Set

Post Production:
Yellowhaus Studio