Cincinnati Bengals
2019 Season Campaign

Client: Cincinnati Bengals
Video Concept: Seize The Dey – Heads Up
Production: Yellowhaus Studio

Following the success of the 2018 Seize The Dey Campaign, the Bengals wanted to parlay that momentum into a campaign to introduce their new head coach and showcased his personality and love for the game.

Yellowhaus concepted an idea where the coach was “reminding” folks that they were NOT Seizing The Dey appropriately. Over the course of a week, we shot 8 different scenarios in a wide variety of locations. The result was a series of pure slapstick comedy fun at the expense of our misguided fans.

COOL FACT: In the golf scene (a fan favorite) our talent was NOT expecting the football to land square at his… well, you know. This came to a surprise by everyone on set (including our talent) so the reaction heard in the final edit is real! Additionally – he sank the putt! The only one he made the entire day!

Executive Producer: Brian Sells
Client Co-Producer: Duane Haring
Client Co-Producer: Magda Stepien

Producer: Jeff Bucalo
Director/DP: Patrick Meier
AC: Isabella Long
Gaffer: Mike Dickman
Grip: Brendan Vennemeyer
Grip: Cooper Bucalo
Audio Tech: Chris Beaudry
Stylist: Diane Brezecki
Stunt Coordinator: Nathan Heggeman

Camera: Arri Amira
Lenses: Cooke S4/I Primes

Post Production: Yellowhaus Studio