Cincinnati Bengals
2018 Season Campaign

Client: Cincinnati Bengals
Video Concept: Seize the Dey
Production: Yellowhaus Studio

After years of production execution for the Cincinnati Bengals ticketing spots, the team approached Yellowhaus in early 2018 to concept and breathe new life into its NFL brand. We conducted extensive qualitative research leading us to a concept that juxtaposed players and fans prepping for game day.

Filmed with a variety of current Bengals players and numerous enthusiastic fans – Yellowhaus aimed to capture the passion and love Cincinnatians have for football and their local team.

Music is always critical but played a huge role in the overall success and tone of this campaign. Yellowhaus pitched and helped facilitate the usage rights to Nappy Roots catchy single “Good Day” which became a staple of recognition for the Bengals.

For the second half of the season, Yellowhaus secured a local band The Yugos and their song Burning to drive the updated soundtrack of Seize the Dey.

The success of this campaign was apparent through a substantial increase in the Bengals social media footprint in addition to winning multiple awards for national TV advertising and sound design. The spots launched an entire media and marketing campaign that truly changed fans perspectives and ramped up anticipation for the season.

COOL FACT: Our concept for this TV spot included several scenes at a Bengals tailgate. Problem was we had to film in the off-season in the middle of July! Yellowhaus coordinated with a local (and well known) tailgate “Professional” who helped us facilitate and throw a huge tailgate in lot D near the stadium. If you look close, you’ll see some folks in jackets and winter gear. I assure you they weren’t cold in those scenes!

Executive Producer: Brian Sells
Client Co-Producer: Duane Haring
Client Co-Producer: Magda Stepien

Producer: Jeff Bucalo
Director/DP: Patrick Meier
Creative Direction: Mike Flesch
Gaffer: Dave Jarred
Grip: Brendan Vennemeyer
Grip: Cooper Bucalo 
Grip: Tyler Hopkins
Stylist: Diane Brezecki


Camera: Arri Alexa XT Plus
Lenses: Cooke 2x Anamorphic Primes


Post Production: Yellowhaus Studio