EyeMed Vision Care

Client: EyeMed Vision Caer
Video Concept: EYES
Production: Yellowhaus Studio

For decades, EyeMed Vision Care has been working with members and Benefit Administrators on communicating the importance of routine eye exams.  This is fueled by the fact that vision insurance traditionally falls behind general health and dental on the hierarchy of benefit choices.

In order to help EyeMed build a simple, straightforward message with their newest brand piece, Yellowhaus focused on the most important aspect of their services – your eyes.

In this gripping piece we help the viewer look deep into a variety of eyes.  Eyes of all shapes and sizes and colors…eyes that would all benefit from routine eye exams and from being covered by EyeMed. This piece has played to rave reviews both internally and with the targeted constituents tasked with making eyecare decisions for their employees.

COOL FACT:  All of the eyes in this piece are AI generated. Without the time and budget to wrangle and photograph a swath of people that would deliver the diversity we were striving for, YH turned to AI to deliver their subjects. We had fun prompting with a colorful variety of details, sculpting each character into the person we felt best represented the wide audience of EyeMed.

Executive Producer: Jessica Connor
Creative Director: Patrick Meier

Producer: Jeff Bucalo
Editor: Patrick Meier
AI:  Midjourney