Concussion Legacy Foundation
The Boy feat. Brett Favre

Client: Concussion Legacy Foundation
Video Concept: The Boy
Production: Yellowhaus Studio

As a follow up to a 2018 project, Yellowhaus again teamed up with Concussion Legacy Foundation (CLF) to educate parents on CTE and the importance of playing flag football until age 14.

The original PSA followed a young boy from pre-teen years, through high school and into adulthood.  In this version we follow a similar path, but we substitute in 11-time pro-bowl, 3-time NFL MVP and HOF QB Brett Favre.

Shooting in Brett’s hometown of Hattiesburg, MS with a crew hired out of New Orleans we took the production to new heights in anticipation of working with the sports legend.  Locally sourced actors out of Mobile, AL portrayed young Brett and Teenage Brett and set the stage for the man who says he’s suffered from “over 1,000 concussions over his career.”

In true HOF fashion . . .  Brett came on set, delivered his lines in 4 takes and proceeded to hang for an hour and entertain crew with stories from his playing career.

COOL FACT: In conjunction with the launch of the PSA, Brett’s story was shared with multiple national media outlets including; The Today Show, CNN, ESPN, People Magazine, USA Today, Fox News, Fox Sports, Huffington Post, and others, garnering well over 150 million media impressions. 

Executive Producer: Chris Nowitski
Creative Director: Tyler MaLand
Creative Director: Julia Manning
Creative Director: Patrick Meier

Producer: Jeff Bucalo
Director: Patrick Meier
DP: Spencer Mann
Gaffer: Mike Dickman
1st AC: Calvin Blue
Dolly Grip: Chris Salamone
Grip: Lucas Portefield
Grip: Iain Brook
Audio Tech: Manch Cadwaller
HMU/Stylist: Lauren Chemin
Craft Services: Haley Herrington
Location Scout: Diane McKenzie

Camera: Arri Alexa Mini
Lenses: Atlas Orion 2x Anamorphics

Post Production: Yellowhaus Studio