Honda Motors of America
Regional Car Footage – Sizzle Video

Client: Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Honda Dealers / Indiana Honda Dealers
Video Concept: Regional Running Footage
Agency: St. Gregory Group
Production: Yellowhaus Studio

Who doesn’t like shooting fast cars? Doing it with a Russian-Arm Camera car . . .even better. Then shut down some scenic roads and ignore the speed limit . . . NOW you have our attention! That was the scenario we were fortunate to be involved in with Honda Motor Company.

Yellowhaus shut down bridges, roadways, main thoroughfares and city intersections in order to capture the latest Honda vehicles in action driving past recognizable local and regional landmarks in both Cincinnati and Indianapolis. We collaborated with MidWest Camera Car out of Chicago to get killer stabilized footage of the new Honda lineup. This video was put together to highlight the three days of fast-paced footage.

COOL FACT: It takes a legit crew to properly and safely operate the Russian arm camera car. Inside the specialized vehicle are a total of 5 people along with a myriad of monitors to ensure the jib arm, stabilized head, and (obviously) the camera remain at a safe distance from the object car and surrounding area. So, where’s the Director? He gets thrown in the trunk. Literally. There’s a “hot-seat” in the rear of the Russian Arm Camera Car with a large monitor and feed from the camera. It’s a choreographed dance of moving the jib arm, aiming the head and pulling focus along with a steady stream of communication of the ME5 driver and the stunt driver inside the object car.

Executive Producer: Honda Corp.
Creative Director: Timothy Holland

Producer: Jeff Bucalo
Director/DP: Patrick Meier
1st AC: Roger Holliday
1st AC: Chaske Haverkos
Russian Arm: Midwest Camera Car
ME5 Driver: Tim Borntrager
Arm Operator: Michael Monar
Head Operator/Tech: Charlie Anderson
Stunt Driver: Douglas McCormick
Production Coordinator: Amanda Eck

Camera: Arri Alexa Mini + RED Epic Dragon
Lenses: Angenieux Optimo Zoom Set

Post Production: St. Gregory Group
Editor: Scotty Swemba