Employee Can’t Play – TV Campaign

Video Concept: Employee Can’t Play – TV Campaign
Production: Yellowhaus Studio

With legal sports betting on the rise in Ohio, Yellowhaus was fortunate to get a call from the fine folks at BETFRED Sportsbook looking for help with their initial brand campaign here in The States.  After 50+ years taking bets in the UK (cricket over/under anyone?!?) BETFRED had crossed over the pond and partnered with the likes of the Denver Broncos and our Cincinnati Bengals.  They were looking for ideas and execution that would propel their brand into the mainstream of betting apps.

With decades of sports betting expertise under their belt, YH felt BETFRED’S best bet was to focus on their employees.  The people behind the app and the backbone of the company.  Since comedy was on the table… we concocted a concept where the BETFRED folks felt they were SO good at placing bets, that they must still be good at playing those sports.  Makes total sense right?!?

Nope.  Wrong.  And we went out of our way proving that by capturing a series of athletic mishaps featuring a BETFRED employee playing baseball, soccer and football.  And by playing, we mean failing miserably.  These comedic spots feature some fine physical acting, plenty of extras and various filming locations around the Tri-State.

COOL FACT #1: Have you ever tried to rent an athletic facility to shoot a commercial for a sports gambling campaign??  Let us tell you, it isn’t easy.  The stigma around sports betting made securing locations quite challenging.   But with persistence and some NIL investments, we were able to make it happen for our client. 

COOL FACT #2:  Our principal actor, who did an amazing job of delivering both on and off the field, tore his groin during the second day of filming.  Being the trooper he is… he plowed through the rest of the shoot in pain to ensure our concept was in good hands… and legs. 

Executive Producer: Ivan Souffront
Creative Director: Danny Figueroa

Producer: Jeff Bucalo
Director/DP: Patrick Meier
Gaffers: Mike Dickman/Jake Heim
1st AC: Fabio Souza
Steadicam Op: Dave Schwandner
DIT: Eric Ransbottom
Audio Tech: Chris Beaudry/Jim Daumeyer
Photography: Steve Ziegelmeyer/Ryan Sweeney
Grip: Dylan Algie
Grip: Brendan Vennemeyer
Grip: Mike Salamone
Grip: Lou Suer
HMU/Stylist: Diane Brzecki/Sarah Diebold
Set Stylist: Nora Martini/Louis Martini/Jacqueline Oka/Travis Guerin
Wardrobe: Kelly Spicer/Greta Stokes/Ella Kinker
Production Coordinator: Cooper Bucalo
Production Assistant: Sam Sauer
Production Assistant:  Molly Bucher
Craft Services: Pam Ford/Eva Ford/OINK!

Camera: Arri Alexa Mini LF
Lenses: Tribe7 / Blackwing7 Primes

Post Production: Yellowhaus Studio