Amplifon Hearing Solutions
Early November Short Film

Client: Amplifon Hearing Solutions
Video Concept: Early November Short Film
Production: Yellowhaus Studio

Hearing services provider Amplifon approached us looking for a unique video solution targeted to Medicare Advantage decision makers.  Hearing insurance is generally at the bottom of the decision-making totem pole and the marketers at Amplifon tapped Yellowhaus to help change the paradigm.

Through our research and in speaking with the client, we learned that the average person experiencing hearing loss takes up to 6 years to actively do something about it.  And when they do, the process can be complex and intimidating.  But . . .  it can be life changing.

Yellowhaus developed a short film concept that took the viewer through this difficult life-altering process through the eyes (and ears) of an elderly couple struggling with hearing issues.  With no dialogue, our actors embark on a journey of life improvement through hearing aids.

The result is a tear-wrenching ride of emotions for the couple, ending with a special date on the calendar.

COOL FACT: The decision to go MOS during production was a difficult one.  In fact – the original intention was to add some subtle sound design throughout the piece to provide a level of grounding. During post-production it was discovered this actually disrupted the emotional building and ultimate pay-off/reveal at the end of the video.  There is a quiet simplicity to the piano piece that enables the viewer to experience pure emotion, dialogue just wasn’t necessary.  In the end that same piano piece is assumed to be the one being played by her granddaughter at the recital.  That is truly the “aha!” moment for the wife as she hears her daughter’s piano playing with real clarity and distinction for the first time.

Executive Producer: Alan Au
Creative Director: Jeanna Boland
Creative Director: Patrick Meier

Producer: Jeff Bucalo
Director/DP: Patrick Meier
Gaffer: Jake Heim
1st AC: Brendan Vennemeyer
Key Grip: Alex Melvin
Grip: Jeremy Whitcomb
HMU/Stylist: Cass Brake

Camera: Arri Alexa Mini
Lenses: Kowa Prominar 2x Anamorphics

Post Production: Yellowhaus Studio